Beeline Liquid Honey 340g


Beeline Liquid Honey 340g
Local honey on the Hampshire, Dorset Border.

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Located along the Dorset and Hampshire Borders, Beeline HFC was founded by Rob Oliver, a member of the Bee Farmers Association and also a Seasonal Bee Inspector for the National Bee Unit in the New Forest area.

Beeline are a small and homegrown business producing some of the finest artisan honey’s and hive related products along the South Coast through their around the clock care and dedication to the welfare of bees.

Whilst they work closely with local farmers and businesses for pollination services and produce, they are also an official importer of Ivan Nielson’s Danish bred queens which head up all of their colonies. This includes the nucleus’ and full hives which they are now able to supply.

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This Honey is unpasteurised and only warmed to form a Liquid.

Beeline Liquid Honey 340g

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