About Us

Our History

Danestream Farm was first established in 1929 when Robert Keffen bought the land and built up the farm to produce Arabel, Livestock and Dairy Farming. He continued to farm until his son Allan Keffen inherited the farm and carried on the tradition with farming a Beef Herd, Swine Herd and a Dairy. The farm has continued to stay in the Keffen family with 3rd and 4th generations working from the farm, Richard and Sue Keffen being the current owners.
Danestream Farm Shop has been established for 42 years and has been owned by the present proprietor Paul Brolan for the last 20 years. It is run by traditional Master Butchers with a minimum of 32 years experience in the meat industry together with expertise gained from Smithfield Market (London) and working in the specialised market of private butchers.
Danestream endeavour to support the local farmers where possible and supply Free-Range Meat, Poultry and Game . We ensure the good up-keep and welfare of livestock is upheld by regular visits to our local producers. We also sell Barn-Reared Red Tractor Assured Poultry to help people who are on a smaller budget.
All Meat and Poultry is personally selected for quality and we pride ourselves in hanging our beef for a minimum of 3 weeks in the traditional way to enhance the tenderness and flavour.

We are proud to sell our large range of Gold Award winning Home-Made Sausages and Junior Champion Award 2019 and 2020 Sausages (won by Ryan Cutler), that are made using the best prime cuts of Pork.

Our Award Winning Free Range Meat Pies both in family size and Individual sizes have been highly commended and won Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards nationally, including top 3 in the British Pie Awards. We prepare the ingredients from scratch and our secret recipe produces the filling for the pies together with the bespoke pastry recipe made by The Bread Basket creating an acclaimed father and son Product.

Fresh Greengrocery produce including Salad produce are supplied on a daily basis from Covent Garden London and Southampton Market. Wherever possible seasonal fruit and vegetables are sourced locally, New Forest Fruit Co. being our main supplier of the fruit and also when possible from local allotments.
At Danestream we pride ourselves on providing a professional helpful service and welcome any queries regarding any of our produce.

We are proud suppliers of the following:

  • Free Range Pork
  • Seasonal Game supplied by Local Shoots
  • A large selection of Award Winning Home-Made Sausages from Traditional to Specialised Flavours made by our own Butchers
  • Award Winning Home-Made Savoury Pies using Local Free Range Meat
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are supplied on a daily basis
  • Large Dairy Range including Cheeses supplied by local Suppliers
  • Bakery Department produced Fresh Bread and Cakes
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Locally Supplied Honey
  • A large selection of Wessex Mill Bread Making Flours which produce a consistent, strong and good performance Bread, also Self Raising and Plain Flour for Baking

Our Producers

Creedy Carver

Creedy Carver poultry comes from Merryfield Farm situated in the beautiful Devonshire countryside. Peter and Sue have worked the farm for over 20 years, and have now been joined by James, their younger son. The family pride themselves on producing top quality chickens and ducks that give the true flavour of the product whilst maintaining a very sympathetic approach to animal welfare.

Pig ‘n’ Pickles – www.pignpickles.com

Pig’n’Pickles is a small company based on the edge of the New Forest, making homemade chutney to an exceptional standard. Passionate about good food our philosophy is that all our products are made in a domestic kitchen in small batches only with fresh ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives.

Fluffetts Farm Free Range Eggs

Fluffetts Farm are passionate about great food and have been supplying the finest eggs without compromising on the welfare of their chickens for the past 20 years. They believe genuine free range eggs should be produced the traditional way; by small carefully managed flocks. Being true to their values means a commitment exclusively to the free range sector.

Their hens live on two independent family run farms on the edge of the New Forest and Cranborne Chase. The girls lay their eggs, take shelter and roost in airy well-ventilated mobile houses and every day are free to explore acres of grassland on free draining gravel and chalk soils. Eggs are hand collected twice a day and batch graded by date of lay to ensure customers always get the freshest eggs available.

With Fluffetts, you can be assured of the origin, freshness and authenticity of your eggs and as a reflection of the level of dedication that goes into their produce, they have established a reputation as number one choice for those who expect the best.

The Dorset Dairy Company

A small free-range, grass based family dairy making low sugar strained yoghurt, cultured butter and cream and gently pasteurised milk from our three local vending machines and various instore refill stations.

We believe that less is more. That’s why there are only two ingredients in our yoghurt – milk and live bio cultures. For every litre of yoghurt, we start with three litres of milk and after adding our carefully selected cultures, it is strained using traditional methods to create a thick, creamy texture packed with dairy goodness. We use the cream by-product from our fat free yoghurt and semi-skimmed milk to make cultured butter and cream and we feed the whey by-product and any waste to feed the pigs.

We also run 3 local milk vending machines and several instore refill stations where you can fill up on farm fresh milk using one of our glass bottles or any container of your choice.

Lyburn Cheese – www.lyburncheese.co.uk

Cheese made with our own cow’s milk. At Lyburn farm we make a variety of different handmade cheeses, using the milk from our herd of 170 cows. Although they are pressed, these artisan cheeses are not that close to cheddar cheese. They are, in general, a softer and a more continental type of cheese, with the exception of Old Winchester. Try our produce at Danestream.

Beeline HFC

Located along the Dorset and Hampshire Borders, Beeline HFC was founded by Rob Oliver, a member of the Bee Farmers Association and also a Seasonal Bee Inspector for the National Bee Unit in the New Forest area.

We are a small and homegrown business producing some of the finest artisan honeys and hive related products along the South Coast through our around the clock care and dedication to the welfare of bees.
Whilst we work closely with local farmers and businesses for pollination services and produce, we are also an official importer of Ivan Nielson’s Danish bred queens which head up all of our colonies. This includes the nucleus’ and full hives which we are now able to supply.

The Bread Basket

I have been a Baker since 1968 when I started my Apprenticeship straight after leaving school and progressed to gaining my City & Guilds Qualification, which then allowed me to become a Master Baker and own my first Bakery known as ‘Hordle Bakery’ since 1983. We have since re-located from Hordle to New Milton and now own The Bread Basket.

We still continue to bake all our own Bread, Morning Goods and Confectionery using the best quality milled flour and ingredients including Free Range Eggs supplied by Claytons Eggs and Free Range Meat from Danestream Farm Shop in our Sausage Rolls and Pasties.

We have also developed our own recipe for the Pastry used, when making the Home Made Pies with Danestream Farm Shop.

We pride ourselves on our Quality, Continuity and Service whilst providing a traditional Bakery with sustainable values.

Danestream Farm Shop
Sway Road
New Milton
Hampshire BH25 5QU